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Corning® HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessels


Corning’s High Yield PERformance (HYPER) Platform - Closed System for High Yield Cell Growth

The Corning HYPERStack cell culture vessel combines the best of two Corning products: the Corning CellSTACK® and the Corning HYPERFlask® cell culture vessels. The utilization of gas-permeable film technology provided in the spatial footprint of the CellSTACK vessel allows the HYPERStack platform to be among the most efficient, scalable cell culture vessels for adherent cell culture available today.

Features and Benefits

  • More cells – provides up to 5X the growth surface area of a traditional cell culture vessel of comparable footprint
  • Closed system – no open fluid manipulations
  • Scalable product – multiple size offerings support scale-up and scale-out
  • Ergonomic design – easier manipulation with handling equipment and accessories
  • Fixed media volume – 0.2 mL/cm² fills vessel for less volumetric waste

Surface Treatment Guide

Corning CellBIND® surface treatment is designed to enhance cell attachment and increase cell yields, improving attachment of loosely adherent cells and maintaining growth in reduced-serum or serum-free conditions. Alternatively, a non-treated option can support conventional cell attachment and allow for a faster and gentler harvest procedure for downstream processing and assays.

For more information, please refer to the Corning® CellBIND® Surface Brochure in the resource tab on the product pages below.

Protocol Guides

Select HYPERStack video protocols available at www.corning.com/HYPER

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Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
20013 Corning® Untreated HYPERStack® - 12 Layer Cell Culture Vessel, 4 per Case   1 / Pk     4 / Cs     Corning®   2.820,01 € per case
20037 Corning® Untreated HYPERStack® - 36 Layer Cell Culture Vessel, 2 per Case   1 / Pk     2 / Cs     Corning®   2.768,72 € per case