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Corning® Automated Manipulator Platform


The Corning® Automated Manipulator System reduces the costs, time, and variability of manual labor handling associated with Corning CellSTACK® and Corning HYPERStack® processing. The system is programmed to manipulate multiple, large stacks of cell culture vessels into the various positions required to complete the necessary process steps. The operator simply transfers the vessels onto the provided cart, positions the cart into the manipulator system, makes the necessary liquid handling connections and activates the program via the touchscreen user interface. The system supports up to three 40-layer CellSTACK, six ten-layer CellSTACK, or six 36-layer HYPERStack cell culture vessels at a time.

Features and Benefits

  • Greatly simplifies CellSTACK and HYPERStack processing
  • Automates filling, equilibration, and harvest
  • Enables consistent and scalable process performance
  • Improves safety by reducing manual manipulations
  • Electric motor drive system
  • Vertical, horizontal, and oblique rotation motion
  • Built-in shaking application
  • Safety features include all-in-one area sensor and hard case cover
  • Digital touch-screen operator panel
  • Compatible tubing holders
  • Compatible microscope station available


Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
6650 Corning® Automatic Manipulator, 180-254V for Corning® CellSTACK® and HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessels, Standard Power Supply   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Corning®   N/A per case
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6651 Corning® Automatic Manipulator, 360-440V for Corning® CellSTACK® and HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessels   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Corning®   N/A per case
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