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Corning® Epic® 384-well Biochemical Assay Microplate

Product Number 5041
The Corning® Epic® 384-well Biochemical Assay Microplate is an ANSI/SBS standard 384 well microplate with an optical biosensor integrated into each well and has been designed for use in the Corning Epic System for high content or high throughput label-free detection. Each sensor is coated with a pre-activated surface chemistry based on polymeric maleic anhydride groups, which enables covalent attachment of protein targets via primary amine groups.

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Product Number   5041
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   10 / Cs  
Brand   Corning®  
Plate Format   384-well  
Plate Color   Clear bottom black  
Well Bottom   Flat  
Well Bottom Color   Clear  
Well Volume   82 µL  
Recommended Medium Well Volume   25 - 30 µL  
Surface Treatment   Amine coupling chemistry  
Sterile   No  
Lids Included   Yes  
Storage   Room temperature  
DMSO Tolerance   Up to 5%  
Working pH Range   4  
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