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Falcon® Falcon ピペットコントローラー本体、およびツーポジション充電スタンド、充電アダプター、疎水性PTFEフィルター(0.2μm) 2個、疎水性PTFEフィルター(0.45μm) 2個、充電池 3個

Product Number 357469

(This is suggested replacement for 357470.)

The light, ergonomic, motorized pipet controller
Designed for use with glass and plastic serological pipets from 0.5 to 100 mL volume ranges. Conveniently positioned switches change operating modes and speeds quickly to handle different liquid volumes and viscosities. Aspirating and dispensing speed is controlled through the finger triggers. When fully charged, the batteries enable up to 8 hours of continuous use. The large LCD display clearly indicates battery status, pipetting mode and speed. 
The Falcon Pipet Controller is supplied with:
• Two-position charging stand
• Universal battery charger,
• Three batteries
• Two 0.2 μm and two 0.45 μm hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filters 
Additional filters are available as standard accessories. The filters, pipet holder and nosepiece are autoclavable.
• Ergonomic design for exceptional comfort
• LCD display for continuous visualization of speed, modes and battery status
• Easy access to the battery compartment
• Easy maintenance

¥39,000 per case

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Product Number   357469
パック入数   1 / Pk  
ケース入数   1 / Cs  
ブランド   Falcon®  
容量   25 mL  
ピペットスタイル   セロロジカル  
目盛りの間隔   0.25 mL  
互換性   Glass and plastic serological pipets from 0.5 to 100 mL  
Specifications Documents
Compatible Accessories
Falcon® 充電池 (3個入)

Falcon® 充電池 (3個入)


¥13,500 per case
Falcon® 疎水性PTFEフィルター(0.2μm) (5個入)
Falcon® 疎水性PTFEフィルター(0.45μm) (5個入)
Falcon® シリコン製ピペットホルダー