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Falcon® CultureSlides


  • Safe and easy chamber removal for microscopic analysis
  • Innovative sealing design

Falcon CultureSlides for in situ analysis

Falcon CultureSlides allow you to culture cells and then analyze them on a glass microscope slide. Cells are grown in a plastic chamber affixed to a specially prepared glass microscope slide.

Cells can be fixed and stained in place without disruption of the cell monolayer. The chamber is easily and safely removed with an easy-to-use, disposable Safety Removal Tool.

Designed for consistent cell culture results

  • Specially cleaned and triple-rinsed glass slides
  • Performance validated with HEp-2 and BAE cells
  • Tested for 72-hour confluency with MRC-5 and BAE cells


  • 1.2 mm beveled-edge slide, 25 mm x 75 mm, soda-lime glass
  • Pressure-sensitive, biocompatible, non-migrating, acrylic-adhesive gasket
  • Blue hydrophobic border defines cell culture areas
  • Polystyrene vessel, lid, and tool
  • Supplied with disposable Safety Removal Tool
  • Wells numbered for easy identification
  • Sterile
  • Trays designed for use in incubator
  • Shelf life specified on each package

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Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
354104 Falcon® 4-well Culture Slide, 12/Pack, 96/Case   12 / Pk     96 / Cs     Falcon®   $734.01 per case
354108 Falcon® 8-well Culture Slide, 12/Pack, 96/Case   12 / Pk     96 / Cs     Falcon®   $837.14 per case