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IMAG-12T Hand-Held Magnetic Separation Device

Product Number IMAG-12T

The use of paramagnetic bead based separation devices (MSDs) are an essential accessory in any magnetic bead based purification process. However, traditionally MSDs are not optimized for manual use and most require electrically powered liquid handling systems. The IMAG MSDs in its tube or microplates formats are designed to simplify the manual processing of magnetic bead based separation applications including: Nucleic acid purification and clean up, Cell based assays, Antibody and protein purification.

  • IMAG MSDs accommodate single tube or 96 well microplates format
  • IMAG MSDs increase operational efficiency
  • Fast separation time: the design includes strong magnets providing less than 30 seconds separation time
  • Reduce the cost of consumable and processing time: designed to hold the plate or tube in place for faster disposal of unwanted liquids which reduces the need for extra pipetting steps and saves on tips
  • Manually operated with low to high throughput capabilities: ideal back up system when your expensive liquid handler is down or there is a power outage

This product is non-returnable. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

$550.80 per case

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Product Number   IMAG-12T
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   1 / Cs  
Brand   Axygen®  
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