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PYREX® 4L Squibb Glass Separatory Funnel, Glass Standard Taper Stopper and Standard Taper Stopcock

Product Number 6400-4L

(This is the suggested replacement for 6340-4L)

These 4L PYREX® pear-shaped separatory funnels have glass No. 8 Standard Taper stopcocks and strong, hollow No. 38 Standard Taper glass stoppers. For replacement glass Standard Taper stoppers, see No. 7650; for stopcock plugs, see No. 7680; for retaining clips, see No. 7280.

$920.72 per case

Out of Stock

Product Number   6400-4L
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   1 / Cs  
Brand   PYREX®  
Body O.D.   206 mm (approx.)  
Capacity   4 L  
Funnel Style   Squibb separatory  
Height With Stopper   629 mm (approx.)  
Standard Taper Stopcock Plug No.   8  
Standard Taper Stopper No.   38  
Stopcock Style   Straight bore glass  
Stopper Style   Hollow glass  
Top Style   Standard Taper Stopper  
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