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Falcon® Flask Vented Caps


  • Ensure consistent gas exchange and minimize contamination
  • Polyethylene caps with an integral, hydrophobic 0.2 µm microporous membrane filter vent allow consistent gas exchange when the caps are in the closed position.
  • Gases required or cell growth and metabolism pass freely through the vent while microorganisms cannot. Falcon vented caps will not wet out.
  • Vented caps minimize contamination associated with standard open incubation. The vented caps prevent media that can become trapped in a partially opened cap from blocking gas exchange. The caps will not fall off in the incubator because of vibration.

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Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
354639 Vented Screw Cap for Falcon® 175cm² Flasks, Bulk, Sterile, 50/Case   10 / Pk     50 / Cs     Falcon®   $53.75 per case