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 IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Some items may be delayed in shipping or out of stock due to extremely high demand.

Falcon® Cell Culture Multi-Flasks


  • Increase productivity by enabling to grow more cells faster and easier
  • 3- or 5-layer formats provide 525 cm² and 875 cm² cell growth surface area, respectively Falcon Cell Culture Multi-Flasks


  • Even distribution of media across all layers for homogeneous cell growth
  • Ability to mix cells and reagents in the Falcon Multi-Flask saves time and reduces risk of contamination
  • Flexible design allows to pour or aspirate/recover cells using a pipet
  • Consistent surface treatment for predictable scale-up
  • Lot number printed on each flask for traceability
  • Manufactured in compliance to cGMP standards

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Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
353143 Falcon® 525cm² Rectangular Straight Neck Cell Culture Multi-Flask, 3-layer with Vented Cap   2 / Pk     12 / Cs     Falcon®   $218.60 per case
353144 Falcon® 875cm² Rectangular Straight Neck Cell Culture Multi-Flask, 5-layer with Vented Cap   1 / Pk     8 / Cs     Falcon®   $242.89 per case