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Axygen® AxyPrep MAG Tissue Genomic DNA-Medium

Product Number MAG-T-GDNA-M

(This is the suggested replacement for MAG-BL-GDNA-M)

The AxyPrep Mag Tissue gDNA Kit utilizes a magnetic bead-based technology to isolate genomic DNA from rodent tail tissues. This protocol provides instructions to extract DNA from fresh or frozen rodent tails. The protocol is performed in 96-well format and 1.5 mL. Purification begins by the addition of lysis buffer, and Proteinase K to rupture cell membranes and digest protein. DNA is then immobilized on magnetic particles by the addition of a magnetic binding reagent. This differential binding allows the DNA to be easily separated from contaminants using a magnetic field. Contaminants can then be rinsed away using a simple washing procedure.AxyPrep Mag Tissue gDNA Kit can be used in the following applications:

  • Restriction enzyme digestion
  • DNA sequencing
  • Genotyping
  • PCR amplification



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Product Number   MAG-T-GDNA-M
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Brand   Axygen®  
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