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Axygen® AxyPrep Easy-96 Plasmid Kit

Product Number AP-E96-P-24

The AxyPrep Easy-96 Plasmid Kit employsan optimized 96-well lysate filtration plate and an alcohol precipitation step to purify plasmid and cosmid DNA from bacterial cultures. The Kit is designed to process 1.3 mL aliquots of bacterial cultures, grown in a 96-well format. Plasmid or cosmid DNA prepared by the Easy-96 Plasmid DNA Miniprep Kit is suitable for automated fluorescent DNA sequencing on instruments such as the ABI PRISM® 3700 and 3730 DNA Analyzers and the MegaBACE 1000. The purified plasmid or cosmid DNA can also be used in a variety of other applications, such as restriction analysis, PCR, probe synthesis, etc. This Kit is also recommended for the purification of large recombinant constructs, such as BACs and P1.A vacuum manifold and vacuum source are required. Axygen® AxyPrep Easy-96 Plasmid Kit, 24x96 preps per Kit

  • High-throughput, 96-well plate format
  • Two-plate system ( lysate filtration and plasmid binding
  • Up to 20 µg of highly purified bacterial plasmid per well
  • Rapid vacuum and centrifuge protocols
  • No alcohol precipitation
  • Suitable for automated fluorescent sequencing
  • Automation-compatible plasticware

This product is non-returnable. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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Product Number   AP-E96-P-24
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   1 / Cs  
Brand   Axygen®  
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