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PYREX® 6L Squibb Glass Separatory Funnel, Glass Standard Taper Stopper and Standard Taper Stopcock

Product Number 6400-6L
These 6L PYREX® pear-shaped separatory funnels have glass No. 10 Standard Taper stopcocks and strong, hollow No. 38 Standard Taper glass stoppers. For replacement glass Standard Taper stoppers, see No. 7650; for stopcock plugs, see No. 7680; for retaining clips, see No. 7280.

$558.48 per case

Less than 10 in Stock

Product Number   6400-6L
Qty./Pk   1 / Pk  
Qty./Cs   1 / Cs  
Brand   PYREX®  
Body O.D.   225 mm (approx.)  
Capacity   6 L  
Funnel Style   Squibb separatory  
Height With Stopper   630 mm (approx.)  
Standard Taper Stopcock Plug No.   10  
Standard Taper Stopper No.   38  
Stopcock Style   Straight bore glass  
Stopper Style   Hollow glass  
Top Style   Standard Taper Stopper  
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