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Part # SCF-8C28-YORS

Splice Closure Fiber (SCF) RocketRibbon™ Extreme-Density Closure, 8 x 28, open ribbon system (maximum 1728 fibers)

Typically ships in 28 day(s) Actual lead time confirmed upon receipt of order.

The Corning® RocketRibbon™ Closures feature a unique trayless design and are available with heat-shrink or split mechanical end caps. Corning RocketRibbon splice closures are designed for splicing fibers in aerial or buried applications. These sealed canister closures are available in configurations that can accommodate 1296 to 1728 fibers when splicing ribbon fibers.

Allowing reel-end to reel-end splicing in the open ribbon system (ORS), the SCF QUICK -SEAL™ mechanical seal drop cable ports allow quick and easy installation during initial network builds or future expansions.

Product Number SCF-8C28-YORS
Description Corning® RocketRibbon™ Extreme-Density Closure with Mechanical End Cap, SCF Closure, 8 x 28, open ribbon system (maximum 1728 fibers)
Number of Ports Not Available
Splicing Capacity 1728

Shipping Dimensions
Height 1,041.4 mm (41 in)
Width 254 mm (10 in)
Depth 254 mm (10 in)
Design and Test Criteria Telcordia GR-771 tested
Ordering Information
Language installation instruction English (US)
Units per Delivery 1/1
Main cable circular port count 6
Central member fixing for main cable Yes
Distribution cable port count 6
Number of Distribution/Drop Cables ports 6
Bulletproof housing No
Main cable oval port count 1
Crimp splice protector support No
Heat shrink splice protector support Yes
Colored trays No
System ORS
Test valve Included
Customer logo on housing To be ordered separately
Extra buffer storage system Installed
Splitter support No
Splitter Module No splitter
Size by Fiber Splice Capacity 1,728
Closure Shape Dome
Working environment Manhole / Underground
Sealing Type Mechanical
Main cable range 12 mm - 32 mm (0.47 in - 1.26 in)
Distribution cable range 12 mm - 25 mm (0.47 in - 0.98 in)
Maximum splice fiber capacity 1728 splices
Technical Documents
Features & Benefits
Modular fiber management system
Preserve the ease of traditional (flat) ribbon splicing while gaining simplified ribbon fiber routing; increased splicing capability in the field, delivered in a compact size
Aerial, wall, pole, direct-buried
Suitable for all applications
Ribbon splicing
No splice trays required
Split end caps
Easy installation of uncut cables
Sealed butt-style closure
Environmental protection
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