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 IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Some items may be delayed in shipping or out of stock due to extremely high demand.

Axygen® Horizontal Gel Boxes


Axygen horizontal gel boxes are high-quality, full-featured units designed for exceptional durability and efficiency. The gel boxes feature leak-free external gel casting, which allows you to cast one gel outside of the box while another gel is running inside. The units are available in four different sizes, and each unit comes with two sizes of gel trays. In addition, they have easy to replace electrodes that are recessed to reduce potential damage. These gel boxes are an excellent value that will provide years of reliable service.

  • Flexibility – Each unit comes with 2 sizes of gel trays to optimize applications
  • External gel casting to gel box allows for running gels while casting the next one
  • Ease of use – the Axygen contrast enhancer makes loading gels easier
  • Rugged injection molding is supported by a 3-year warranty
  • Larger units come with recirculation ports allowing for buffer exchange

Four sizes of horizontal tanks. Each comes with 2 sizes of gel trays which allow for external gel casting. Three larger sizes come with recirculation ports for use as needed.

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Product Number Product Name Qty./Pk Qty./Cs Brand Price Unit Size
HGB-10 Axygen® Horizontal Gel Box, 10 cm   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Axygen®   $422.91 per case
HGB-15 Axygen® Horizontal Gel Box, 15 cm   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Axygen®   $473.09 per case
HGB-20 Axygen® Horizontal Gel Box, 20 cm   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Axygen®   $610.99 per case
HGB-7 Axygen® Horizontal Gel Box, 7 cm   1 / Pk     1 / Cs     Axygen®   $363.39 per case